Wedding story on film…what if we went back in time to when our grandparents were young, when capturing that fleeting moment was a true art, and the effect could be seen only at a later time, once the negatives had been developed. Photos taken by a traditional camera, i.e. on film, are something special, rarely seen. That is because it is a method not often used nowadays, especially not during such an important occasion as a wedding. It truly doesn’t happen often that a wedding couple decide on a photo shoot “on film”. Thanks to that, though, I had the rare opportunity to take out my analogue workshop. When I do a job, in one hand I have my digital camera and in my other my film camera. It is an artform, and the effect, as well as the vividness of the image that I get from a negative, is unmatched in today’s digital era.


The first time I met Aśka and Adam was in an atmospheric café not far from Gdańsk. They described their plans for their wedding with such passion, as much as I feel towards my own job. They had thought of every detail – the style of the dress, the color of the flowers, the style of the bow ties. The ceremony took place in an Orthodox church in Hajnówka. To those raised Catholic, weddings in the Orthodox Church may seem full of mysticism and fantastical elements. Starting with the engagement ceremony, then the crowning, and of course the choir accentuating each moment. All these combined can move you to your core.


I do hope that these few film captures will properly express the atmosphere of this western Poland wedding. The images from this story will stay in my memory for years to come.