Wedding story…before I post another photo shoot from 2017, I’d like to share with you a story that happened almost two years back, around the beginning of October 2016. It is quite special, because it was a destination wedding, which is always a treat. True, it wasn’t “far” from home (only around 100km), in Bory Tucholskie; I’ve been wanting to visit there for a long time. And even though we were in the south of the Kashubian region, I still felt right at home.


The wedding took place in Rusy, and the reception was in the Gościniec hotel in Chojnice. My being there was due to Paula and Jan choosing me out of a huge slew of wedding photographers. My relationship with the couple was excellent from the very start, full of positivity and bravery. That in turn helped transform simple scenes into the engaging photos captured that day.


Another fun aspect of this particular love story is the venue for the wedding session. Paula took me to the picturesque Młosino lake, which is quite close to Wiele. It is a special place for her family, as many years before Paula’s grandmother and her family lived there. Their house is located in the heart of the forest, several kilometers away from the nearest town. During the session, Paula took me on a walk along old paths, surrounded by the unique and touching views… but that’s enough from me. Enjoy the photos!