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This was the third adventure with Ania and Robert, this time a wedding session – Verdens Ende, the World’s End, located in Norway. A replica of an old-timey lighthouse is located there, at the very edge of the Tjøme island. It’s within the Vestfold district, around 26 kilometers south from Tønsberg, the oldest city in Norway. You can admire the gorgeous view of the Skagerrak strait with its many tiny islands peeking out of the sea. Or, if the sunset is just right, you can capture fleeting moments that take place only between two people in love.


Why do I like describing my job as an adventure? Why, that’s because every photo shoot or wedding session I have ever done was one of a kind. I try to match the location to you, so that when we move around, everything around you is still reflecting You. I would then be the first person to walk in Your footsteps, to follow You to the magical places you’ve taken your significant others to. Thanks to that, the end result is a set of photos that both show your Love and are close to your Heart. Such was the case of the engagement session at sunset, and such is the case of the wedding session below.

VERDENS ENDE – “…I love you”

It was in Verdens Ende when, during one of their very first walks together, Robert told Ania that he loved her. But he did it with style… well, with a style. He wrote a letter to her with a single sentence – “I love you”. Years later, during this wedding session, Ania took out that very same letter from her backpack. She decided to add even deeper meaning to this brief moment and read it out loud during the shoot. To remind herself and her now-husband that this World’s End was where their Adventure Together began.

The fourth and last adventure with Ania and Robert took place in a very intimate session. To be more exact, it was a session in bed . I will show you the story, in which I’ve decided to combine the classical technique of shooting on film with… well, the rest you will have to read for yourselves in our next post.

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