When I found Pałac i Folwark Galiny on a map, I had no idea it would become one of my favorite places to have a photo shoot in, especially at that time of year. But not because it was a brilliant place right up my alley, but because of the honest, kind and loving people I found there. I felt like part of a family with them. At the very beginning I knew that I could not allow the couple to prepare inside. It would’ve been a sin. The weather was on our side, gorgeous for that time of year, and the surrounding nature was practically spoiling us with beauty. My idea was accepted on the spot. Their first meeting took place in the back of the garden – it was full of tenderness and Agnieszka’s misty eyes. Oh, how I adore this – that moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time in their wedding attire. I could literally do it all day every day. Once again this was proof to me that I have the most beautiful job ever and I wouldn’t change it for the world!


Something I have rarely seen in my career is when the newlyweds take a ride in a horse carriage. It’s a very interesting thing to do, and it certainly adds a bit of a country feel to the event. The wedding took place practically next door to the reception. The church was small and yellow, built in the XIV century in the Gothic style, and it charmed me with how warm it felt inside. Please notice the ‘shot’ of the bride and groom giving their vows. You don’t have to look too deeply to notice all those feelings I’ve mentioned before.


The wedding had everything – there were always guests on the dance floor, and Kuba was delighted that he could touch the ceiling with ease. The band was rocking it non stop, so I had enough to fill my plate all evening, not a single boring moment! Mazury are brilliant, a perfect place to revisit often. If you are into this divine little spot, like me, check out a completely different post from a place nearby – A FAMILY SESSION IN MAZURY.