During the summer in Gdańsk, it’s quite a challenge to find a beach with a breathtaking view of the sun setting “into” the sea. The abundance of tourists can also be an issue. Such a place exists though, and is known to only a handful of people. The exact whereabouts will remain a mystery, though I’m sure some of you will figure it out from the photos.

“…the golden hour”

…that is where I took Beata and Paweł. We had been on the same “wavelengths” from the day of their wedding, and that made me wish to introduce them to this mysterious place. I knew from the start that the love between these two will find their reflection in this location. Just as THIS beach exists without “humanity’s” influence, their love doesn’t need the outside world to blossom and bloom. The proof of that are the following images, which show how you can take full advantage of all such a beach has to offer. Especially at the so called “golden hour” of sunset.

OH, how I adore such excursions!