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The next adventure I’ve decided to share with you is the story of Ala and Szymek. They are best described as original, free-spirited people and, very important, always smiling. We started traditionally with the preparations of the groom, which took place in his friend’s flat, in Gdańsk. Szymek’s companions were a merry group of gentlemen, and they made me feel an encompassing chillaxed mood in the air (even after I’d dropped my camera lens on the staircase!). I thought to myself “is this how the entire day will go?” and, to my delight, it did. All Saturday long I felt as if I’d won the lottery! Alice was accompanied by her best friend, who had kept her caring eye on everything, starting with dressing the bride and stopping only once the party was done.


The wedding ceremony took place in the Church of the Holy Spirit in Sopot. And here, once more, luck was on my side. I was gifted with the perfect little light coming through the small and stained- glass windows right onto the faces of the guests in the pews. You will see true love during the wedding vows, children playing with their elders, as well as a mother breast-feeding.


If you’ve ever wondered about where in Gdańsk, very near the city centre, you can organize a wedding in a peaceful location, full of green and summer light despite the buildings, I have found such a place. It is the Gdańsk Kalinówka. The atmosphere is rustic yet still matches its city location, the buffet is sweet, and the amount of details makes it obvious all the stops have been pulled out. The garden, for example, was a hit. Not only where the kids having a blast there, but most of the guests spent their time just talking and goofing off with the newlyweds. Excellent music and, to finish the night off, we had some drinks by a campfire. You can see all of that below: