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Palace Wierzbiczany is a one of a kind place on the Polish wedding map. It is located quite close to Toruń and Inowrocław. This neo-renaissance palace is surrounded by a beautiful English-style park, which was created in 1845-46. But that’s enough of history, let’s get down to business! This time, the main theme is class. Only two words come to mind – poise and elegance. Nothing less in a place like this.


It’s never the same thing with preparations. Often I am invited to Your homes, even Your family homes. Not this time, and the reason is simple. Both families were out-of-towners, thus the logical place for the preparations was the location of the wedding reception. Time was on our side, and I had plenty of time to shoot everything. First I met with Maciek, then I accompanied Kasia. This order was not accidental, by the way. Everything was thought out to the last minute detail. There was also a very special something that elicited a feeling of high-class as well as sentimental fondness, and not just in the older guests – the wedding couple arrived in a vintage Fiat 125p. Maciek’s pops used to drive a car just like this one.


This is where the real magic begins. It was one of my favorite moments of that day. The first look is a moment, when the bride and groom see each other for the first time in their wedding dress and suit. It’s a time when it’s just you two, alone for just a few last moments before you wed. You need not say much about it, really. You need to live it. I didn’t have to think long on the perfect place. This tree is straight from a fairy tale. It was not only a gorgeous composition, but the energy it had. It drew us in, as if by magic.


I’ve never written about it before, but it is a truly beneficial thing to organise the wedding and the reception close to each other, of course if you are able to. There are a few advantages to this, but for You only one should be important – you don’t have to waste any time traveling from point A to point B. It’s always better to help yourselves out during such important days. Thankfully, most of
our couples think alike, including Kasia and Maciek. A similar logistics situation took place HERE. The Church of St. Nicholas and St. Constance in Gniewkowo is barely a couple minutes away from the palace. Below you see one of those ceremonies, where joy and positive energy could be felt with each step. The bride and groom were smiling throughout the entire ceremony. Their enthusiasm was contagious.


Kasia and Maciej didn’t have any requests for me, as the trust they’ve bestowed upon me was endless. However, if you’d prefer to make your own ‘must have’ list, be my guest. Perhaps leaving the church is the most important moment of the entire day for You. All you have to do is let me know. I always say that I am here for YOU, not for myself. There is one piece of advice I’d give to
every newlywed couple out there. Enjoy this long-awaited day and live it as much as your heart can stand.


Was Palace Wierzbiczany the best choice ever for organizing a reception? The answer to this and other questions I will answer below. Keep scrolling, because now we’re starting the fun!


If you’re wondering, whether doing a mini-session is worth it, it absolutely is. Even if it were to last only a few minutes. I make sure that that time is for You and for You only. Kasia and Maciek agreed to everything, and yet they kept wanting more and more. A couple like that is a gift. The light was growing scarce, so we had to act fast. Without venturing too far, of course.


It’s party time. A big advantage to such intimate receptions is the possibility to talk with each loved one present. We put up a ‘chill zone’ in the garden, in which you could take a breath for a moment, sit down with your drink… The only thing I could do was enter the crowd and capture the reception my way. Before I knew it, it was time to pack my equipment and get a hug goodbye. The day had just flown by, and I felt accomplished and, dare I say, happy.


I forgot to add that in the very beginning of our acquaintance, we decided to organize an engagement session. Thanks to it, we managed to bond a little and see if we were on the same wave lengths. Look for yourselves! Aren’t those smiles just full of promise? Well… I will admit, Portuś, their loyal animal companion, does not look like his usual cheerful self on one of the photos below.
But rest assured – his spirit lifted very quickly :-).

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For the curious among you I’ve also prepared a little list:

The Wedding Dress – Miłość Atelier

Location – Pałac Wierzbiczany

Makeup – Kasia Kłos

Photography –