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Outdoor wedding…we posted the story of Magda and Piotr’s wedding on our “old” website, but this time we’re letting it shine in our site’s new look; we also have a short wedding session for you as an extra treat. I’ll start with a short explanation as to how I received the honor of attending such an important event. I met Magda at a wedding some time back, and we worked side by side to capture all the best moments of “our” newlyweds. Working together with this “cameraperson” was amazing and so efficient. We were never in each others’ way, instead we helped each other in capturing the images, each onto our own media. I immediately felt in awe of Magda – she had this way finding and capturing the love of the newlyweds, in a way I believe only a woman can. You can see the results of Magda and her father’s work on their webpage Photoyoung. During this impromptu teamwork, she told me she and Peter were getting married soon. As luck would have it, they were in the process of finding a photographer of their own – and that is how our adventure together started.

…maybe an open air wedding

Magdalena and Piotr chose a one of a kind scenario. The wedding ceremony took place outside in the “Oycowa Zagroda” Inn in Wielkie Gowino. It was the location of one of the most interesting weddings of last year – in 2016. This picturesque region bathed in the August sun had this way of relaxing you, bringing to mind an idyllic life, peaceful and with no rush to be felt. There was even a “fiddler on the roof” of our very own – the talented violinist Greg and DJ KABI – Krzysztof. The drinks were served by Revolution Bar, and I knew we had ourselves an excellent party. And with such favorable conditions, I knew this party would be one to remember…

Magda and Piotr, thank you so much for choosing us, “in re fotografia”. It was an honor to shoot such a marvelous event that was your Big Day, the biggest day of your life together!