The first time I met Marianne and Roy was on their wedding day in “Dwór Oliwski”, a hotel in Gdańsk. It was something I tried never to do, but alas. Still, this proved that even if you have zero knowledge about a couple, you can still create the most exquisite love story. During the entire day I focused on not only Marianne and Roy, but also on the rest of their four person family. It meant twice as much fun for me when shooting them, as I just love capturing family stories. I was a witness to their love, which came to “my” hometown, Gdańk, all the way from the west coast of Norway – the city of Alesund.


Openness and trust warmed my heart throughout all of this perfect day. It was mostly thanks to Ania, who organized this gorgeous event. I’ve never before had the opportunity to shoot a real Norwegian wedding, so it was a treat in itself. Outdoor weddings have a certain charm to them, a charm few things can beat, especially when surrounded by such beautiful nature. It was a humanist ceremony, officiated by one of the wedding guests, a close family friend. The tears of joys ran freely, and the moving music in the background was not helping at all.


I invite you all to see this July story. It is a family story that will leave you feeling bashful and blushing. Come and see for yourselves

organization – Projekt Wesele
dj – Adam Witzky Zawicki
decorations – Bukiety Bankiety
hotel – Dwór Oliwski City Hotel & Spa