Kashubian wedding session…we set the date for Natalka and Arek’s wedding session for the end of September. There were quite a few phone calls and emails trying to figure out the perfect place. We finally settled on the Kashubian region. The spot we chose was a picturesque wide open area near Kościerzyna. We moved around a bit, though still within the boundaries of a brilliantly quaint agritourism center. You really felt right at home there. By the end of the story you might notice a few shots in a forest, though there isn’t much left of its trees. That is due to a horrific storm that went through there a month prior, spreading destruction in its wake.


As you can see, the weather was brilliant. We were on site at just the right time to feel some September sun on our skin. The location was really great – it’s the perfect place to just sit and think. I’m definitely coming back there, not just for another wedding or family session. Those of you who haven’t seen the post about their gorgeous wedding and reception, head on down to the ELEGANT WEDDING – CEGIELNIA RZUCEWO.