… this is the fourth and last adventure with Ania and Robert, which I have dubbed ‘the intimate session in bed’. The name is pretty self-explanatory, thus we started off with goofing around in a bed. A session like this could easily become an engagement session, or maybe even an individual session. It shows love, spontaneity and the pure craziness of being in love. You can have it before a wedding, after a wedding, any time, really. This type of session is dedicated to couples who think “a bit” differently than the typical person. The true magic in sessions like this lies in breaking the rules, following your heart and letting your fantasies rule you for a bit. Let yourselves get carried away by them!


The story below showcases the project which has been on my mind for a long time – an intimate session in bed. Ah, to enter the intimate world of two people in love. To use a few photos to show a whole history, and to show how the domestic life is filled with “magical” situations and fleeting moments you will think about all day. I never expected that I would ever get to do such a photo shoot, especially one filled with humor and goofiness. That place under the sheets becomes your whole world, just you two and your Love and me as the only witness to the beauty of it.


You have no idea how nice it is to return to the photos of this particular project. I’m quite fond of it, even more than of my earlier adventures, like the Verdens Ende wedding session, or the Trollfoss engagement session. One of the reasons is that for this project I decided to use two different cameras, each from a different era.


The main one was the Porst film camera. I love it for its simplicity, as after each thought-out ‘shot’, you have to reset the shutter release button. You don’t get to see the results until a few days later, once you develop the negatives in a dark room. This is the magic that keeps that camera close to me at all times. The second camera to finish up the ensemble was a typical SLR canon camera. This combination was a hard nut to crack for me, because I had to combine two much different “feels” of the photos. I knew from the start that this entire story, both on film and digitally, would be written in shades of gray.


…hey, maybe one you might be interested in an intimate session in the shower or the bath? Think on it and let your imagination run wild!