I present to you another visit from the W family, this time in a place where storks come to roost in massive numbers, the largest amount in Poland in fact. Where, you ask? In Mazury, of course. Or, to be more exact, in Włodowo, a small village near Morąga. This is quite a unique place and one Marta feels very close to. There we can find her grandmother’s house, the house Marta herself grew up in and all the generations before her. The building will probably be demolished soon~ish (if you don’t have any ideas for a photo shoot location, this might be the jolt of inspiration you need). It would’ve been a sin not to act on such a valuable idea!


The warm family feel, the lighting and, most of all, the smiles on everyone’s faces truly helped. Walking around the backyard, peeking into windows made me feel as if I was back at my grandparents’ house, full of smiles and mischief. Will you feel it as well, I wonder?

P.S. While compiling this photo-story, I’ve already started wondering when and where we might meet next time?!?