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Family photos Gdansk. You see before you a short report of my visit to a couple I’ve already photographed in the past. I had the pleasure of preparing their wedding story, and now we are back for a family session. Such is the way of things, and ,in my opinion, if there was a 1-10 happiness scale, this would be well over an 11. It’s always great to once again be a guest in your homes. Monika and Arek are the very best “dream clients”. This is our mission, after all. Ours is a long-term commitment – we keep in touch over the years and nurture our photo-relationship, as it should be done.


Those of you who follow and know our work are well aware that we do not take photos of children in baskets or with a background of tulips etc. Maybe it is cute, but that’s not us, for as long as we can help it. 😉 We do lifestyle photos, as varied as each of your lives are. We appear in your flats or houses and for a short while we take part in your everyday life. That’s the simplest explanation, really. We work in a relaxed atmosphere, with no hurry and complete freedom. You know how kids are, sometimes they have so much ‘lifestyle’ that it’s terrifying in all the best ways, but that is the idea. We don’t always have to smile and be in a good mood. This time everyone had been all smiles all the time. All we had to do was stand aside and take photo after photo.


A family session at home? Why, of course! There’s no better way for spending some quality time together. Family photography is a beautiful field. We have always been fascinated by it and we intend to show even more of those happy photos than ever before. A session outside the home also has its charms, you could check one out HERE, which I’ve done at the Open’er Festival. Take your pick. The decision is yours, of course, I’ll be happy with just your bed or even an empty wall. It’s people who build the story, and there’s no fighting it.


Each family member is important to us, both big and small. Those who make a lot of noise as well as the calmer ones, content to lay for a bit and stare up at the sky. I myself had my picture taken with my small family and I always look through those photos with a smile. Time is unstoppable, thus we shouldn’t forget to immortalize our loved ones each day. It is best if that’s done by someone other than you, though. I’ve been there, trust me. Setting up a camera on a tripod will never replace a photographer.


Family sessions are never boring. Each one brings something new. It’s like with weddings. My friends and family always wonder how, after 15 years of work, I have yet to have had my fill. I always tell them – absolutely NEVER. I hope that my health will grant me 15 more years, perhaps even more. Mine is the best ever job in the world.

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There are also times, when we have to look at jealousy as well. Like the one below. What can you do, though?