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An engagement session in mazury. When Kasia and Tomek had asked me to make that little plan of theirs a reality, I, of course, agreed immediately. I rarely do otherwise, to be quite honest. A unique idea from unique people. I accepted their invitation and came a day early, to hang out and chill out with a beer. The next day we had to crawl out of our beds before day break, even before dawn! We did find some time to enjoy some tea on the little pier and to enjoy some early morning sunlight. It was the best! The Mazurian sun has never let me down yet. In fact, I miss it already! I’ll definitely visit there as soon as I can. I’d go right now if I could!


Anywhere is good, similarly to a wedding session. I’m a big supporter of you having “Your” places rather than always shooting in the same places. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever visited one place twice during a single season, perhaps even two seasons. Let’s do unusual things, let’s do crazy things, romantic things, both out-there and simple things. It doesn’t matter whether the photos are at sunrise or sunset, in the rain, in the sunshine, who cares what the weather is like? Okay, sure, some types of weather are better or more pleasant to work in, but you are the ones creating your story, the rest is just accessories. Don’t be afraid to let your dreams guide you towards something completely new, like HERE, for example.


“Ahoy, there!” I yelled to Maciek, right before we set sail. I felt safe on board, even though I’m not much of a swimmer. I was taken care of like a VIP passenger. Fun fact: our Captain had sailed around Cape Horn, so the Węgorzeworiver was ‘no biggie’ for him. There weren’t any shanties to enjoy, but we had Queen and the volume was definitely not set to low. While the crew was busy putting up the mast and tightening all those ropes, Portuś and me took our fill of the gorgeous views. We just sat comfortably and looked to our heart’s content. For a moment, I almost forgot he wasn’t my own dog. We even got to see a beaver dam! Isn’t nature just beautiful?


We still had a few months till the wedding, but this was just the beginning of our photo-relationship, you can trust me on that. There is no better idea than to try out both a photographer and how you yourself feel in front of the camera lens. Don’t waste any opportunity to check it out. It’ll become apparent very quickly if we’re on the same wavelengths. And always, and I do mean always, take your pets with you. Do give me a heads up though, as I am prone to allergies. Forewarned is forearmed, and I’ve got quite the arsenal of allergy pills. 😉


The engagement session in mazury turned out to be a great idea. This story was a veritable mix of everything. For some of it the music was so loud, yet there were moment of melancholy which made everything else suddenly fade away. Quite unusual. I feel such a bond with this particular part of my country, I feel such a crazy pull towards it. You can check out another Mazurian story HERE, a family one this time. Kasia and Tomek, thank you for the adventure and for letting me into your world. Keep your course steady, yah hear?

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