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The Dream Catcher Wedding Session is a very special story, the why you’ll learn soon enough. A dream catcher is an amulet, a so-called “net of life” that not only scares off bad dream, but also has recently become quite the ethnic moodsetter on parties. I have always loved their aesthetic and it’s finally happened – it was the main theme of my newest wedding assignment!!!


I’ve already introduced you all to Martyna and Łukasz on our fb as well as on instagram. Their wedding theme was the dream catcher, but every single detail was handcrafted by them. I was charmed by the decorations, the altar bedecked in a dream catcher motif. Then a thought struck me – what if we took this design with us to the session and created something new, something just for them and only them.


That took care of the theme, but what of the location… The one I chose is very important to me, thus it shall remain a mystery. I will divulge one single detail – that by that lake, at sunset… well, you can tell. I shared by idea with my partner in crime, who pointed that one important piece was still missing. The background to their love – the music. We decided to go all out, and outsource. We believed nothing could enliven the affections of our tender couple more than the sounds of a guitar. So I called Michał from M.M. Guitar School – I told him the plans, and he replied with a resounding ‘Let’s go!’


Everything was going perfectly. We had the newlyweds – beautiful and so in love. We had the theme – dream catchers and their charm. We had the lake, the sunset, the guitar music, but there was still something missing. The one thing that could always set Martyna and Łukasz’s feelings ablaze was the letter they’d written to themselves. It worked its magic, and this became something much more than a simple wedding session, just as I’d wanted for them. It was truly meant to be. The result outgrew my every expectation, but I could never have done it alone. If not for my friend, we never would’ve created a session this unforgettable. But you can judge for yourselves. And a heartfelt thanks to Martyna and Łukasz’s assistants – without You, these two wouldn’t have gotten this far.

Don’t miss out on the music!

…and at the end of this post, you will find a short video created by Kamil from Viniet – this is our backstage.