I think everyone who hears the title words will get a nice, warm feeling in their hearts. A sunset without two people in love to experience it is nothing more than a pretty view, a postcard picture if you will. That was doubly true when Jola and Patryk stepped in front of my viewfinder. Due to their deep love for each other, such an image becomes something much more – a photograph dripping with emotions.


I decided to invite these two lovebirds to step into my world, the place where I live. We took a walk through the forest, whose path winds all the way around to the edges of the lake. We started a campfire there, with a gorgeous sunset as our background. Looking at their feelings through the viewfinder, I tried to capture the essence of their love. Of Patryk playing the guitar and of Jola gracefully turning an ordinary walk into a whirlwind of craziness.