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Godding and civil marriage go hand in hand! It’s a charming place in Sopot, perfect for wedding vows and some skating craziness on the dance floor! That is exactly what Monika and Kuba did for their civil marriage in Godding, though sans skates. They went with the kayak paddles from the SKK Marzkulc club, instead. The reason? They’re a crazy couple of kids joined by their shared passion; I learned that during their engagement session. You can see the effects on our instagram or at the end of this post.


The preparations for a church wedding and a civil marriage are essentially the same. Specifically, it all starts in the home of the bride and groom, which is where is my time to shine as the wedding photographer. I have the time to immortalize such details like the wedding dress, the bouquet, the vision the bride makes. Or to go out with the groom and his friends for a bit of traditional dancing, like the Polish Polonaise. During the preparations it is always good to be surrounded by your loved ones, your siblings, parents or the witnesses. You mustn’t forget about them!


I know from experience that the First Look is a moment that will never come again. A moment when the groom can, for the first time, see his future wife in her wedding dress. It is very important for me, especially because in just a few minutes the couple would give their wedding vows. It’s made even more important as it’s the day of their civil marriage in Godding. That is why it is imperative for me to find the perfect location for such a meeting. This time for our First Look we chose the Godding restaurant by a pond, surrounded from all sides by a picturesque forest. Before the emotions have a chance to cool down, I whisk the couple away for a short wedding session. Why? Because they can’t take their eyes off of each other, and they are at my disposal to capture that. I love those five minutes.


WiększośMost of you know that Sopot is a city where you can get a civil marriage not only in the Registry Office, but also in a charming place like the Godding Restaurant. Monika and Kuba went with that very option. They invited guests for a civil marriage ceremony, and they were met with quite the surprise – an espalier made out of kayak paddles! I went to many different weddings, like, for example, Magda i Piotr’s, where I saw an espalier for the first time. The amount of guests made a huge impact – the more the merrier. When Kuba lead Monika through it for the first time, all their friends cheered, yelling “Again!” Kuba and Monika listened, and went for a second go, which was a relief for me. Their first walkthrough, for many different reasons, would not have made for a lovely photo.


The effect of group shots, as well as photos of people having fun at weddings, depends on the photographer. This is a time when we, the photographers, have to slow down a little and get our creativity to soar. After the wedding ceremony came the time for candid photos, which I think are the best. But how to take a group photo so it looks like straight from a report? Just be yourself!

After a few series of group shots, it’s time for the first dance and the fun. When the newlyweds come out onto the dance floor and the sun is setting, the light changes in the room. This is the moment when the photographer must decide whether to get their lamps out or perhaps to shoot with the light as is, or maybe even go for a different technique altogether. Many photographers are met with choices like these daily. I think that the most important thing for a photo report is to match the feel and the personality of the photos to the actual party.


SeAn engagement session is a very good opportunity to check out the photographer you’re thinking of hiring for your wedding or civil marriage or even for the reception in the Godding restaurant… But seriously, you can use photos from such a session for your invitation or letters of thanks to your parents, or maybe even frame them and hang them around the reception hall. The possibilities are many, and with time you’ll realise that this is just the start of your adventure with the photographer. Meetings such as those can result with a wall full of photos or shelves filled with photo albums brimming with memories. Perhaps later, even a family session. But that’s a story for a different post