It was January, gray and cold, but inside a typical Polish flat were two very special people. Karusia and Paweł, a couple who wanted something more intimate, something different from all they’re seen before. For me this project was quite a challenge, bigger than I originally thought. We spent a lot of time together. We sat locked within four walls the entire day (well, almost, as their four- legged companion, Aaron, needed to go walkies :) We smoked cigarettes, ate pizza, drank wine and, of course, listened to loud music. I forgot to mention that this also happened to be the day the heating had been turned off. It got quite a bit chilly, though I’m sure you can’t tell on the photos. But the most important thing was that we were on the same pages. They talked, I listened and observed. The hours flew by...


Our photographs exhibit an enormous amount of energy and feelings. We pour our tenderness and emotions onto stories; Your stories. I hope that my freaky lovebirds will revisit this story as often as they’ll desire. I can honestly say that this was one of the most intimate sessions of my career. Intimate sessions have a special type of power. It’s not only a photo shoot; they can also be akin to therapy for the relationship. Time will tell which one it was this time.


If you would rather see more color, while still staying with the engagement theme, THIS POST is a must-see for you. Remember – if you want to best showcase Your Story, there can be no shortcuts. You must open up, truly open up. It takes very little to just be yourselves and to love. Only then does the magic happen. One thought springs to mind – Love is the answer to everything ♥. And now, let’s click on the music and get on with the show.




Everyone who’s ever visited the Kashubian region knows that it is a unique place. It is one of the most varied regions in northern Poland, at least when taking the land into account. We can find nearly everything there – open fields, gentle hills, glistening lakes and canyons thick with trees. You don’t have to be a top researcher to be able to find something special for yourself.


I don’t have to introduce you to our oh-so-in-love lovebirds. This is our third adventure together – if you want to see the previous ones in Sicily or Italy, click right ahead. This time though we stayed in regions familiar to me – the Kashubian region. This was their dream picturesque wedding session. Now typically, we tend not to cross multiple kilometers during a shoot. We’re of the belief that shooting in a single location is better for you and for the harmony of Your Story. This case, however, was different. We did move, but, like I’ve mentioned before, we didn’t have to walk far to change the scenery. We even managed to have some fun by the water, a theme they’d included in all their previous sessions. We managed to find a gorgeous lake, sparkling with the oranges and purples of the setting sun. Luck was on our side when we found this breathtaking place.


I don’t doubt that every wedding photographer wishes they could experience moments I’ve been privileged to that day. Starting from the warm feelings you never want to miss from and ending on the dazzling scenic views. What more could you possibly want?



The 28th of June is one of those days I will remember forever thanks to the Polish-Italian wedding of Maria and Christian. The idea for an Italian wedding came suddenly, far into the preparations. The ceremony was originally supposed to take place in Bydgoszcz, Poland, however, my lovebirds got the delightful idea to have themselves a very special project – an Italian Wedding and Reception. They decided to invite the guests to Christian’s hometown in Sicily – to sunny Palermo. It’s no surprise to me why people from all around the world travel there for their dream wedding. Sicily is the heart of southern Italy – an incredible place full of breathtaking views, sandy coastlines, delicious food and, of course, the history. But let’s focus now. First, we had a quick ‘engagement session’ by the sea, you can read about it HERE. The very next day was the magical, long-awaited Big Day we were all so excited for.


Christian prepared in his childhood home, surrounded by his friends and family. Maria on the other hand prepared outside of the city, in a picturesque cabin with a gorgeous garden. The wedding ceremony itself took place in The Santuario di Santa Rosalia – The Sanctuary of Saint Rosalia. It is a deeply spiritual place, this temple carved inside a cave, located almost at the very top of mount Monte Pellegrino. After the wedding, we did climb up to that peak, where we enjoyed some tasty snacks and frosty beer. The open-air reception took place in Sea Club in Terrasini, where we partied well into the night. Our newlyweds arrived by boat during a truly romantic sunset, cuddled cheek to cheek all the way to their party.
And while the newlyweds and the guests all had a blast, the party ended for me on a rather low note. While I was putting my camera back into its pouch, I twisted my ankle. I’ll say this – the return home was not easy nor pleasant.


Weddings abroad have one thing in common – the guests often take a few days off and take the family for a short relaxing trip – you can feel the chillax in the air. And while the overall vibe and food was brilliant, I do believe that Maria and Christian’s day was one of the more touching weddings I had the privilege of shooting. I can still remember the myriad of tiny moments and “snapshots” I both saw and experienced, and I feel truly honored to have met the families and friends of the newlyweds. It was a real pleasure to accompany them on this incredible day. Grazie.

Suit - Lavard
Reception: Sea Club





An engagement session in Sicily. You don’t have to be Italian to make that come true, though in this case it came in handy. My next journey started in the Gdańsk airport. From there I traveled straight to Palermo, if you ignore the six hour long (OMG) layover in Bergamo. Though that turned out to be rather pleasant. I had the opportunity to wander up and down the lovely alleys within the city and taste some outstanding coffee, as well as take some photos of people on the streets going about their daily lives. All in all, this aimless little stroll lifted my spirits for the rest of the day; I could do that forever. But alas, I had to return to the airport and hop on to the plane to my destination – Palermo. There I was picked up by Maria and Christian, who were as always in good spirits. They were overjoyed not only by what we were planning for that day, but also by our plans for the next day. To be more exact – their wedding and reception. But more about that in the next post. There will be much to see....


I did a little research about where we could get a nice engagement session done, as I typically do, but I had a feeling I might be in for a surprise. I was right. My lovebirds had very little free time, thus I was forced to think of something “on the spot”. In the end, after we left the airport, we decided to look for any possible locations, and, practically in tandem, we turned our eyes to the coast. It was beautiful, sunny and practically deserted. We strolled across the sand, talking, enjoying the views, taking a breather. Bliss!


Sometimes stuff happens. We have plans, but then those go out the window due to things we can’t control. I didn’t want to tire out Maria and Christian. I knew they still had a lot to do that day. They had their Big Day to think of as well. Keeping that in mind, I tried to do my job as fast as I could, while giving them some breathing space before the wedding at the same time. We still had to pick up the wedding rings, a little pre-wedding tradition of theirs. Christian also insisted I had to try the local delicacies. I wasn’t about to argue. In the end, we were all happy and satisfied. If you’re wondering about the engagement session, you could check out the post on it right here.



The Dream Catcher Wedding Session is a very special story, the why you’ll learn soon enough. A dream catcher is an amulet, a so-called “net of life” that not only scares off bad dream, but also has recently become quite the ethnic moodsetter on parties. I have always loved their aesthetic and it’s finally happened – it was the main theme of my newest wedding assignment!!!


I’ve already introduced you all to Martyna and Łukasz on our fb as well as on instagram. Their wedding theme was the dream catcher, but every single detail was handcrafted by them. I was charmed by the decorations, the altar bedecked in a dream catcher motif. Then a thought struck me – what if we took this design with us to the session and created something new, something just for them and only them. That took care of the theme, but what of the location... The one I chose is very important to me, thus it shall remain a mystery. I will divulge one single detail – that by that lake, at sunset... well, you can tell.
I shared by idea with my partner in crime, who pointed that one important piece was still missing. The background to their love – the music. We decided to go all out, and outsource. We believed nothing could enliven the affections of our tender couple more than the sounds of a guitar. So I called Michał from M.M. Guitar School – I told him the plans, and he replied with a resounding ‘Let’s go!’


Everything was going perfectly. We had the newlyweds – beautiful and so in love. We had the theme – dream catchers and their charm. We had the lake, the sunset, the guitar music, but there was still something missing. The one thing that could always set Martyna and Łukasz’s feelings ablaze was the letter they’d written to themselves. It worked its magic, and this became something much more than a simple wedding session, just as I’d wanted for them. It was truly meant to be. The result outgrew my every expectation, but I could never have done it alone. If not for my friend, we never would’ve created a session this unforgettable. But you can judge for yourselves. And a heartfelt thanks to Martyna and Łukasz’s assistants – without You, these two wouldn’t have gotten this far.

Don’t miss out on the music!




... this is the fourth and last adventure with Ania and Robert, which I have dubbed ‘the intimate session in bed’. The name is pretty self-explanatory, thus we started off with goofing around in a bed. A session like this could easily become an engagement session, or maybe even an individual session. It shows love, spontaneity and the pure craziness of being in love. You can have it before a wedding, after a wedding, any time, really. This type of session is dedicated to couples who think “a bit” differently than the typical person. The true magic in sessions like this lies in breaking the rules, following your heart and letting your fantasies rule you for a bit. Let yourselves get carried away by them!


The story below showcases the project which has been on my mind for a long time – an intimate session in bed. Ah, to enter the intimate world of two people in love. To use a few photos to show a whole history, and to show how the domestic life is filled with “magical” situations and fleeting moments you will think about all day. I never expected that I would ever get to do such a photo shoot, especially one filled with humor and goofiness. That place under the sheets becomes your whole world, just you two and your Love and me as the only witness to the beauty of it.


You have no idea how nice it is to return to the photos of this particular project. I’m quite fond of it, even more than of my earlier adventures, like the Verdens Ende wedding session, or the Trollfoss engagement session. One of the reasons is that for this project I decided to use two different cameras, each from a different era. The main one was the Porst film camera. I love it for its simplicity, as after each thought-out ‘shot’, you have to reset the shutter release button. You don’t get to see the results until a few days later, once you develop the negatives in a dark room. This is the magic that keeps that camera close to me at all times. The second camera to finish up the ensemble was a typical SLR canon camera. This combination was a hard nut to crack for me, because I had to combine two much different “feels” of the photos. I knew from the start that this entire story, both on film and digitally, would be written in shades of gray.

...hey, maybe one you might be interested in an intimate session in the shower or the bath? Think on it and let your imagination run wild!




This was the third adventure with Ania and Robert, a wedding session this time. Our location was the Verdens Ende, the World’s End, located in Norway. A replica of an old-timey lighthouse is located there, at the very edge of the Tjøme island. It’s within the Vestfold district, around 26 kilometers south from Tønsberg, the oldest city in Norway. You can admire the gorgeous view of the Skagerrak strait with its many tiny islands peeking out of the sea. Or, if the sunset is just right, you can capture fleeting moments that take place only between two people in love.


Why do I like describing my job as an adventure? Why, that’s because every photo shoot or wedding session I have ever done was one of a kind. I try to match the location to you, so that when we move around, everything around you is still reflecting You. I would then be the first person to walk in Your footsteps, to follow You to the magical places you’ve taken your significant others to. Thanks to that, the end result is a set of photos that both show your Love and are close to your Heart. Such was the case of the engagement session at sunset, and such is the case of the wedding session below.

VERDENS ENDE – “...I love you”

It was in Verdens Ende when, during one of their very first walks together, Robert told Ania that he loved her. But he did it with style... well, with a style. He wrote a letter to her with a single sentence - “I love you”. Years later, during this wedding session, Ania took out that very same letter from her backpack. She decided to add even deeper meaning to this brief moment and read it out loud during the shoot. To remind herself and her now-husband that this World’s End was where their Adventure Together began.

Ostatnia, czyli czwarta przygoda z Anią i Robertem, odbyła się w bardzo intymnym miejscu, a dokładnie sesją w łóżku. Pokażę Wam historię, w której postanowiłem powiązać klasykę zdjęć, czyli ujęcia zapisane na negatywie z właśnie, reszty dowiecie się z kolejnego wpisu.

sesja w łóżku



Everyone here should already know who Ania and Robert are, so instead I’ll just invite you to read about our second adventure. It’s actually adventure 2 out of 4, but you’ll read about the rest in future blog posts. To tell the truth, I may have goofed a little with my earlier post about their engagement session – Trollfoss. My bad, but I was only off by one detail – the date of that photo shoot was two months after the wedding. Was that on purpose? Yes. Why? For the perfect effect of these photos, which were destined to be framed, of course. It’s usually best to do an engagement session a few days or, better yet, weeks before the wedding. Why do I consider that the best timeline? Answer me this: How long do you spend preparing for the wedding? A couple of months, maybe a year or two? How many details do you need to go over to make sure your wedding day will be the most special for you both?


Oftentimes, after several years the ONLY things you have left are the photos you’ve hanged on the walls, shared with the family or stashed somewhere in a peak of embarrassment – here’s hoping you have far less of the last option. That’s why it’s best not to jump straight into the shoot, but to get to know the photographer you’ve chosen better. Are you able to sync up together, are you working on for the same end effect? The better you know the photographer, the more confident you will be, especially as they will accompany you for the entire wedding day or maybe even longer.


Destination wedding is a perfect way to describe Ania and Robert’s, because for their wedding I not only travelled to the Gniew castle, but to a different era as well – to the times of the Polish szlachta. Since the start of preparations, I was running around all the chambers, trying to catch fleeting glimpses of a knight tournament through the window shutters. We rode in a brown “chariot”, a Polish Fiat 125p, to the Pelplino Abbey, there the bride and groom were welcomed by actual canon fire by actual hussars. Surrounded by all of this, it was no surprise I felt like a court photographer at a royal wedding.


Trzecim wpisem na naszym blogu będzie reportaż z sesji ślubnej na "Końcu Świata", czyli Verdens Ende w Norwegii.


verdens ende sesja slubna




Before I introduce you to Ania and Robert’s engagement session by the Trollfoss waterfall, I must share something with you. For some time now, the so called ‘destination’ wedding has been a thing on the Internet. Every wedding photographer known to me dreams about having a shoot like that in his portfolio. But those wedding carry a different risk with them – too much focus on the form, and the meaning behind the photos turns lifeless. What sense is there in a picture if the only things good about it are great colors or that it’s well shot? What sense is there if on the faces of two people in love all you can see is “I do not feel this at all” or “is that it? Can we move on?” That is not the point of wedding photography! So what if you give yourselves over to the photographer?


Let’s go back to Ania and Robert. I mainly contacted them via e-mail or Skype calls before the session. Seeing them through the webcam did not give me the best idea on how beautiful and handsome they were. I did spot something else, something much more important. The warm feelings between them, a glint in their eyes, tender gestures and just their normal way of being with each other. I quickly learned that this pair was all for ‘crazy ideas’ - the more extreme the better. Several days before the session, I called them to go over the details. It went much better than I’d hoped. Robert agreed with nearly every one of my ideas. That doesn’t happen often – it was a stroke of luck that they were so agreeable, not every couple is. Especially when the idea is for a shoot in the rain or, better yet, under a waterfall. And that’s how we ended up in Norway, by the Trollfoss waterfall.


My very first session in the rain was almost two years ago. It had been an absolute spur of the moment idea, and I decided then and there that I just had to do it more often. However, without any preparations, there’s not much I can do. For this shoot in Norway I decided to give my best. I wrapped my camera up, I put on a rain jacket, a poncho and waterproof boots. I thought I was prepared for a flood; boy was I wrong! I had to deal with walking through a forest just covered with rocks and stones, moss covering up every crevice, hiding it from sight. I’m not even gonna mention that single plank that acted as a bridge. You wouldn’t believe how slippery everything was :-\ Because of the conditions, I had no chance of keeping my lens dry or even to change it. The rain just kept pouring down, like a waterfall coming straight at us.


When you listen closely to the rain, to its rhythm deep in the woods and far from civilization, you forget all the world’s problems. I’ve noticed just that with Ania and Robert – their love was the only feeling that carried them on that walk, so full of slippery surprises or surprising slips. I never realized that this woodland trip would be only the beginning to our adventure together.


Drugą przygodę z Ania i Robertem znajdziecie poniżej.







The first time I met Marianne and Roy was on their wedding day in “Dwór Oliwski”, a hotel in Gdańsk. It was something I tried never to do, but alas. Still, this proved that even if you have zero knowledge about a couple, you can still create the most exquisite love story. During the entire day I focused on not only Marianne and Roy, but also on the rest of their four person family. It meant twice as much fun for me when shooting them, as I just love capturing family stories. I was a witness to their love, which came to “my” hometown, Gdańk, all the way from the west coast of Norway – the city of Alesund.


Openness and trust warmed my heart throughout all of this perfect day. It was mostly thanks to Ania, who organized this gorgeous event. I’ve never before had the opportunity to shoot a real Norwegian wedding, so it was a treat in itself. Outdoor weddings have a certain charm to them, a charm few things can beat, especially when surrounded by such beautiful nature. It was a humanist ceremony, officiated by one of the wedding guests, a close family friend. The tears of joys ran freely, and the moving music in the background was not helping at all.


I invite you all to see this July story. It is a family story that will leave you feeling bashful and blushing. Come and see for yourselves

organization – Projekt Wesele
dj – Adam Witzky Zawicki
decorations – Bukiety Bankiety
hotel – Dwór Oliwski City Hotel & Spa



When I found Pałac i Folwark Galiny on a map, I had no idea it would become one of my favorite places to have a photo shoot in, especially at that time of year. But not because it was a brilliant place right up my alley, but because of the honest, kind and loving people I found there. I felt like part of a family with them. At the very beginning I knew that I could not allow the couple to prepare inside. It would’ve been a sin. The weather was on our side, gorgeous for that time of year, and the surrounding nature was practically spoiling us with beauty. My idea was accepted on the spot. Their first meeting took place in the back of the garden – it was full of tenderness and Agnieszka’s misty eyes. Oh, how I adore this – that moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time in their wedding attire. I could literally do it all day every day. Once again this was proof to me that I have the most beautiful job ever and I wouldn’t change it for the world!


Something I have rarely seen in my career is when the newlyweds take a ride in a horse carriage. It’s a very interesting thing to do, and it certainly adds a bit of a country feel to the event. The wedding took place practically next door to the reception. The church was small and yellow, built in the XIV century in the Gothic style, and it charmed me with how warm it felt inside. Please notice the ‘shot’ of the bride and groom giving their vows. You don’t have to look too deeply to notice all those feelings I’ve mentioned before.


The wedding had everything – there were always guests on the dance floor, and Kuba was delighted that he could touch the ceiling with ease. The band was rocking it non stop, so I had enough to fill my plate all evening, not a single boring moment! Mazury are brilliant, a perfect place to revisit often. If you are into this divine little spot, like me, check out a completely different post from a place nearby – A FAMILY SESSION IN MAZURY.



We set the date for Natalka and Arek’s wedding session for the end of September. There were quite a few phone calls and emails trying to figure out the perfect place. We finally settled on the Kashubian region. The spot we chose was a picturesque wide open area near Kościerzyna. We moved around a bit, though still within the boundaries of a brilliantly quaint agritourism center. You really felt right at home there. By the end of the story you might notice a few shots in a forest, though there isn’t much left of its trees. That is due to a horrific storm that went through there a month prior, spreading destruction in its wake.


As you can see, the weather was brilliant. We were on site at just the right time to feel some September sun on our skin. The location was really great – it’s the perfect place to just sit and think. I’m definitely coming back there, not just for another wedding or family session. Those of you who haven’t seen the post about their gorgeous wedding and reception, head on down to the ELEGANT WEDDING – CEGIELNIA RZUCEWO.