engagement session in mazury


An engagement session in mazury. When Kasia and Tomek had asked me to make that little plan of theirs a reality, I, of course, agreed immediately. I rarely do otherwise, to be quite honest. A unique idea from unique people. I accepted their invitation and came a day early, to hang out and chill out with a beer. The next day we had to crawl out of our beds before day break, even before dawn! We did find some time to enjoy some tea on the little pier and to enjoy some early morning sunlight. It was the best! The Mazurian sun has never let me down yet. In fact, I miss it already! I’ll definitely visit there as soon as I can. I’d go right now if I could!


Anywhere is good, similarly to a wedding session. I’m a big supporter of you having “Your” places rather than always shooting in the same places. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever visited one place twice during a single season, perhaps even two seasons. Let’s do unusual things, let’s do crazy things, romantic things, both out-there and simple things. It doesn’t matter whether the photos are at sunrise or sunset, in the rain, in the sunshine, who cares what the weather is like? Okay, sure, some types of weather are better or more pleasant to work in, but you are the ones creating your story, the rest is just accessories. Don’t be afraid to let your dreams guide you towards something completely new, like HERE, for example.


“Ahoy, there!” I yelled to Maciek, right before we set sail. I felt safe on board, even though I’m not much of a swimmer. I was taken care of like a VIP passenger. Fun fact: our Captain had sailed around Cape Horn, so the Węgorzeworiver was ‘no biggie’ for him. There weren’t any shanties to enjoy, but we had Queen and the volume was definitely not set to low. While the crew was busy putting up the mast and tightening all those ropes, Portuś and me took our fill of the gorgeous views. We just sat comfortably and looked to our heart’s content. For a moment, I almost forgot he wasn’t my own dog. We even got to see a beaver dam! Isn’t nature just beautiful?


We still had a few months till the wedding, but this was just the beginning of our photo-relationship, you can trust me on that. There is no better idea than to try out both a photographer and how you yourself feel in front of the camera lens. Don’t waste any opportunity to check it out. It’ll become apparent very quickly if we’re on the same wavelengths. And always, and I do mean always, take your pets with you. Do give me a heads up though, as I am prone to allergies. Forewarned is forearmed, and I’ve got quite the arsenal of allergy pills. ;)


The engagement session in mazury turned out to be a great idea. This story was a veritable mix of everything. For some of it the music was so loud, yet there were moment of melancholy which made everything else suddenly fade away. Quite unusual. I feel such a bond with this particular part of my country, I feel such a crazy pull towards it. You can check out another Mazurian story HERE, a family one this time. Kasia and Tomek, thank you for the adventure and for letting me into your world. Keep your course steady, yah hear?

If you enjoyed our photos and have a hankering for more, and not just from this mazurian engagement session, feel free to follow our profile. Pretty soon we’ll have a report from their wedding day, but for now there’s a bit extra below.





An engagement session in Sicily. You don’t have to be Italian to make that come true, though in this case it came in handy. My next journey started in the Gdańsk airport. From there I traveled straight to Palermo, if you ignore the six hour long (OMG) layover in Bergamo. Though that turned out to be rather pleasant. I had the opportunity to wander up and down the lovely alleys within the city and taste some outstanding coffee, as well as take some photos of people on the streets going about their daily lives. All in all, this aimless little stroll lifted my spirits for the rest of the day; I could do that forever. But alas, I had to return to the airport and hop on to the plane to my destination – Palermo. There I was picked up by Maria and Christian, who were as always in good spirits. They were overjoyed not only by what we were planning for that day, but also by our plans for the next day. To be more exact – their wedding and reception. But more about that in the next post. There will be much to see....


I did a little research about where we could get a nice engagement session done, as I typically do, but I had a feeling I might be in for a surprise. I was right. My lovebirds had very little free time, thus I was forced to think of something “on the spot”. In the end, after we left the airport, we decided to look for any possible locations, and, practically in tandem, we turned our eyes to the coast. It was beautiful, sunny and practically deserted. We strolled across the sand, talking, enjoying the views, taking a breather. Bliss!


Sometimes stuff happens. We have plans, but then those go out the window due to things we can’t control. I didn’t want to tire out Maria and Christian. I knew they still had a lot to do that day. They had their Big Day to think of as well. Keeping that in mind, I tried to do my job as fast as I could, while giving them some breathing space before the wedding at the same time. We still had to pick up the wedding rings, a little pre-wedding tradition of theirs. Christian also insisted I had to try the local delicacies. I wasn’t about to argue. In the end, we were all happy and satisfied. If you’re wondering about the engagement session, you could check out the post on it right here.




Before I introduce you to Ania and Robert’s engagement session by the Trollfossen waterfall, I must share something with you. For some time now, the so called ‘destination’ wedding has been a thing on the Internet. Every wedding photographer known to me dreams about having a shoot like that in his portfolio. But those wedding carry a different risk with them – too much focus on the form, and the meaning behind the photos turns lifeless. What sense is there in a picture if the only things good about it are great colors or that it’s well shot? What sense is there if on the faces of two people in love all you can see is “I do not feel this at all” or “is that it? Can we move on?” That is not the point of wedding photography! So what if you give yourselves over to the photographer?


Let’s go back to Ania and Robert. I mainly contacted them via e-mail or Skype calls before the session. Seeing them through the webcam did not give me the best idea on how beautiful and handsome they were. I did spot something else, something much more important. The warm feelings between them, a glint in their eyes, tender gestures and just their normal way of being with each other. I quickly learned that this pair was all for ‘crazy ideas’ - the more extreme the better. Several days before the session, I called them to go over the details. It went much better than I’d hoped. Robert agreed with nearly every one of my ideas. That doesn’t happen often – it was a stroke of luck that they were so agreeable, not every couple is. Especially when the idea is for a shoot in the rain or, better yet, under a waterfall. And that’s how we ended up in Norway, by the Trollfoss waterfall.


My very first session in the rain was almost two years ago. It had been an absolute spur of the moment idea, and I decided then and there that I just had to do it more often. However, without any preparations, there’s not much I can do. For this shoot in Norway I decided to give my best. I wrapped my camera up, I put on a rain jacket, a poncho and waterproof boots. I thought I was prepared for a flood; boy was I wrong! I had to deal with walking through a forest just covered with rocks and stones, moss covering up every crevice, hiding it from sight. I’m not even gonna mention that single plank that acted as a bridge. You wouldn’t believe how slippery everything was :-\ Because of the conditions, I had no chance of keeping my lens dry or even to change it. The rain just kept pouring down, like a waterfall coming straight at us.


When you listen closely to the rain, to its rhythm deep in the woods and far from civilization, you forget all the world’s problems. I’ve noticed just that with Ania and Robert – their love was the only feeling that carried them on that walk, so full of slippery surprises or surprising slips. I never realized that this woodland trip would be only the beginning to our adventure together.

Drugą przygodę z Ania i Robertem znajdziecie poniżej.