It was January, gray and cold, but inside a typical Polish flat were two very special people. Karusia and Paweł, a couple who wanted something more intimate, something different from all they’re seen before. For me this project was quite a challenge, bigger than I originally thought. We spent a lot of time together. We sat locked within four walls the entire day (well, almost, as their four- legged companion, Aaron, needed to go walkies 🙂 We smoked cigarettes, ate pizza, drank wine and, of course, listened to loud music. I forgot to mention that this also happened to be the day the heating had been turned off. It got quite a bit chilly, though I’m sure you can’t tell on the photos. But the most important thing was that we were on the same pages. They talked, I listened and observed. The hours flew by…


Our photographs exhibit an enormous amount of energy and feelings. We pour our tenderness and emotions onto stories; Your stories. I hope that my freaky lovebirds will revisit this story as often as they’ll desire. I can honestly say that this was one of the most intimate sessions of my career. Intimate sessions have a special type of power. It’s not only a photo shoot; they can also be akin to therapy for the relationship. Time will tell which one it was this time.


If you would rather see more color, while still staying with the engagement theme, THIS POST is a must-see for you. Remember – if you want to best showcase Your Story, there can be no shortcuts. You must open up, truly open up. It takes very little to just be yourselves and to love. Only then does the magic happen. One thought springs to mind – Love is the answer to everything ♥. And now, let’s click on the music and get on with the show.