Before I introduce you to Ania and Robert’s engagement session by the Trollfossen waterfall, I must share something with you. For some time now, the so called ‘destination’ wedding has been a thing on the Internet. Every wedding photographer known to me dreams about having a shoot like that in his portfolio. But those wedding carry a different risk with them – too much focus on the form, and the meaning behind the photos turns lifeless. What sense is there in a picture if the only things good about it are great colors or that it’s well shot? What sense is there if on the faces of two people in love all you can see is “I do not feel this at all” or “is that it? Can we move on?” That is not the point of wedding photography! So what if you give yourselves over to the photographer?


Let’s go back to Ania and Robert. I mainly contacted them via e-mail or Skype calls before the session. Seeing them through the webcam did not give me the best idea on how beautiful and handsome they were. I did spot something else, something much more important. The warm feelings between them, a glint in their eyes, tender gestures and just their normal way of being with each other. I quickly learned that this pair was all for ‘crazy ideas’ – the more extreme the better. Several days before the session, I called them to go over the details. It went much better than I’d hoped. Robert agreed with nearly every one of my ideas. That doesn’t happen often – it was a stroke of luck that they were so agreeable, not every couple is. Especially when the idea is for a shoot in the rain or, better yet, under a waterfall. And that’s how we ended up in Norway, by the Trollfoss waterfall.


My very first session in the rain was almost two years ago. It had been an absolute spur of the moment idea, and I decided then and there that I just had to do it more often. However, without any preparations, there’s not much I can do. For this shoot in Norway I decided to give my best. I wrapped my camera up, I put on a rain jacket, a poncho and waterproof boots. I thought I was prepared for a flood; boy was I wrong! I had to deal with walking through a forest just covered with rocks and stones, moss covering up every crevice, hiding it from sight. I’m not even gonna mention that single plank that acted as a bridge. You wouldn’t believe how slippery everything was :-\ Because of the conditions, I had no chance of keeping my lens dry or even to change it. The rain just kept pouring down, like a waterfall coming straight at us.


When you listen closely to the rain, to its rhythm deep in the woods and far from civilization, you forget all the world’s problems. I’ve noticed just that with Ania and Robert – their love was the only feeling that carried them on that walk, so full of slippery surprises or surprising slips. I never realized that this woodland trip would be only the beginning to our adventure together.

Drugą przygodę z Ania i Robertem znajdziecie poniżej.