And once again, we’re in my favorite place in Poland. Right by the sea is the charming Cegielnia Rzucewo, decked out in lovely shades of lavender. Our followers know that we’ve posted a story that took place right there just recently, you can see it here: Elegant Wedding. But to the point – Natalia and Arek are the heroes of our modest little story. Beautiful, young, and most importantly, in love – those were my first impressions of them when we met face to face. And of course the Cegielnia. It didn’t take me long to say YES, let’s do this! I want to make it clear that this day is memorable not just because of Natalia and Arek’s love, but because of the deep love between a father and his daughter and son.


The ceremony took place in Gdańk, near Old Town in St. Bridget’s Church. The church, built in the XIV century, is famous for its history as well as its amber altar (the biggest in the world). I was in awe when I saw it. The theme of the day was the aforementioned lavender – this color was everywhere. It was even the color of the six bridesmaids’ dresses, who by the way walked the bride and her father to the altar. There was laughter, tears, her brother’s singing and firm hand shakes.


Throughout the rest of the day, you will see the laughing faces of not only the Newlyweds, but also on a many of their kith and kin. Sometimes I regret that I finish work after 12 hours of shooting, because I believe I could capture many more interesting pictures, especially when the party lasts till dawn. But going home I was grinning ear to ear, thinking about their outside wedding, how it will look like, what clothes we will wear, etc. But that is a separate story. Stay tuned for next time!