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A wedding in Gniew Castle...destination wedding is a perfect way to describe Ania and Robert’s, because for their wedding I not only travelled to the Gniew castle, but to a different era as well – to the times of the Polish szlachta. Since the start of preparations, I was running around all the chambers, trying to catch fleeting glimpses of a knight tournament through the window shutters. We rode in a brown “chariot”, a Polish Fiat 125p, to the Pelplino Abbey, there the bride and groom were welcomed by actual canon fire by actual hussars. Surrounded by all of this, it was no surprise I felt like a court photographer at a royal wedding in Gniew Castle.


Everyone here should already know who Ania and Robert are, so instead I’ll just invite you to read about our second adventure. It’s actually adventure 2 out of 4, but you’ll read about the rest in future blog posts. To tell the truth, I may have goofed a little with my earlier post about their engagement session – Trollfoss. My bad, but I was only off by one detail – the date of that photo shoot was two months after the wedding. Was that on purpose? Yes. Why? For the perfect effect of these photos, which were destined to be framed, of course. It’s usually best to do an engagement session a few days or, better yet, weeks before the wedding. Why do I consider that the best timeline? Answer me this: How long do you spend preparing for the wedding? A couple of months, maybe a year or two? How many details do you need to go over to make sure your wedding day will be the most special for you both?


Oftentimes, after several years the ONLY things you have left are the photos you’ve hanged on the walls, shared with the family or stashed somewhere in a peak of embarrassment – here’s hoping you have far less of the last option. That’s why it’s best not to jump straight into the shoot, but to get to know the photographer you’ve chosen better. Are you able to sync up together, are you working on for the same end effect? The better you know the photographer, the more confident you will be, especially as they will accompany you for the entire wedding day or maybe even longer.

Trzecim wpisem na naszym blogu będzie reportaż z sesji ślubnej na “Końcu Świata”, czyli Verdens Ende w Norwegii.

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