Everyone who’s ever visited the Kashubian region knows that it is a unique place. It is one of the most varied regions in northern Poland, at least when taking the land into account. We can find nearly everything there – open fields, gentle hills, glistening lakes and canyons thick with trees. You don’t have to be a top researcher to be able to find something special for yourself.


I don’t have to introduce you to our oh-so-in-love lovebirds. This is our third adventure together – if you want to see the previous ones in Sicily or Italy, click right ahead. This time though we stayed in regions familiar to me – the Kashubian region. This was their dream picturesque wedding session. Now typically, we tend not to cross multiple kilometers during a shoot. We’re of the belief that shooting in a single location is better for you and for the harmony of Your Story. This case, however, was different. We did move, but, like I’ve mentioned before, we didn’t have to walk far to change the scenery. We even managed to have some fun by the water, a theme they’d included in all their previous sessions. We managed to find a gorgeous lake, sparkling with the oranges and purples of the setting sun. Luck was on our side when we found this breathtaking place.


I don’t doubt that every wedding photographer wishes they could experience moments I’ve been privileged to that day. Starting from the warm feelings you never want to miss from and ending on the dazzling scenic views. What more could you possibly want?